USDA Inspected Processing

Our USDA processing is a perfect option for anyone that is looking to sell their meat at farmers markets, to restaurants and in stores. After the animal is harvested, we will process it according to your specifications to insure you get only the cuts you and your customers want. The cuts are then packaged according to your specifications. Each package will have the USDA inspected logo on it, along with your business name and any business information you may want on the label. Each package is clearly marked with the contents of the package and the net weight of the package, then boxed. Each box is labeled with the total net weight and total number of packages each box contains. We also provide a wide range of value added products that we can produce from your products, such as bacon and various sausages. We take pride in providing you with quality service that will not only keep you coming back, but will also keep your customers coming back to you.

To all of our USDA customers, it is our business to keep you in business. Without you, there would be no us!

Support your local farmers and farmers markets.

NOTICE: Our schedule for processing animals in 2022 is full and we are not accepting any more appointments for this year, although we do have a waiting/cancelation list. If you would like to be added to this list, please email us at and include your name, phone number, species of animal(s), number of animal(s), and approximate date you were looking to get them in for processing. If we have an opening that becomes available, we will give you a call to see if you are available to fill that spot.

NOTICE: Our schedule for 2023 is almost full, but we should have a few limited spots available. If you are needing to book an appointment for 2023, please call us at 503-845-6112 soon as these are filling up fast.


HARVEST (Slaughter)
Beef: $0.20 per lb. ($120 minimum per)
Sheep/Goat: $0.60 per lb. ($75 minimum per)
Scalded Hog: $0.32 per lb. ($80 minimum per)
Skinned Hog: $0.25 per lb. ($90 minimum per)
Harvest fees are based from the hanging weight of the animal after harvest.
There is an additional $20 fee for harvest if animal is not getting packaged.
Animals are only accepted by appointment.

PACKAGING Pricing on paper wrapped product starts at $1.20 per pound with a $65 minimum charge per animal. Vacuum Packed product starts at $1.50 per pound with an $85 minimum charge per animal. Prices may vary depending on packaging type and what type of processing we are doing. This price is based on the hanging weight of the animal. Each package is clearly marked with content, weight, USDA inspected logo, and your company information. Product is then boxed and frozen, with each box labeled with its contents. Please contact us for exact details on pricing. If buying product from us, please contact us for details on pricing.

SAUSAGE AND SMOKED MEATS are also available. We make these products out of the animal you brought or purchased. Prices are based off the starting weight of the product we are making, not the finished weight. Current products we can make out of your product for resale include:

Curing and smoking is $1.99 per pound (Regular Cure, bacon or boneless ham), $0.30 per pound to add pepper to bacon, $0.30 per pound for slicing (Based off of the green weight). Sugar free sage cure (bacon only) is $2.49 per pound.

Oktoberfest Sausage is $2.55 per pound

Breakfast sausage (Regular Blend or Italian Blend) is $0.50 per pound for bulk, and $2.10 per pound for links. Special Blend Sausage (Sugar Free) is $0.95 per pound for bulk, and $2.55 per pound for links

Andouille is $2.55 per pound

Bratwurst is $2.40 per pound

Chorizo (Spanish Sausage) is $1.55 per pound for bulk and $3.15 per pound for links

Make any sausage spicy for an additional $0.30 per pound

Prices are based on the starting weight of the product(s) being processed for sausage or curing/smoking, not the finished weight. There is a 20 lb. minimum on each linked sausage / stuffed sausage product. There is also a 10 lb. minimum on all bulk sausage orders (unless the total from all the product being ground into sausage is less than 10 lbs.). Any hams being made for USDA inspected product must be boneless.

SRM REMOVAL for beef being picked up or delivered is $0.10 per pound ($60 minimum). This is required for any beef that is 30 months of age or older at time of harvest. This fee only applies to beef that are getting picked up or delivered from the establishment, and not for beef that are going to be further processed at our facility.

Processing Time

Average processing time for a beef is 2-3 weeks from time of slaughter, based on a 2 week dry age hanging time. Average processing time for a hog/sheep/goat is 1-2 weeks from time of slaughter, based on a one week hanging time. Add another 2-3 weeks for processing if having any sausage or smoking/curing done. Processing may take longer during busier parts of the year.